Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello dudes. What have we been up to lately? Well, we're currently recording a couple new songs: Magical Thinking & Fine Lines! We've enjoyed Tim's whiskey cocktails in the control room while recording vocals. We've tuned our guitars and used delay. Jim's worn all available hats: musician, engineer, and mixoligist. Any kind, rich strangers want to put out a 7inch?!

We've also got a new practice space on the East side. No more Drake platinum records to taunt our lack of commerical success - just concrete walls, forest murals, and spooky doll lamps! The lamp holds the power, and sometimes she gives some of her power to us.

And lastly, not one to wuss out on trying new things, Tim recently tackled the McGangBang. Rating: 6/10. Though a bit cumbersome, he said: "it tasted pretty good." The next McMashup will be the Quarter Flounder, brainchild of Rob Castle. Review to come...