Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Flyers by Tad Michalak.

We're dusting off our guitars, shining up our keyboards, and playing a show. This is a good one too! You should come. Not only do you get a smorgasboard of good music, you also get to check out projections and eat food with your ticket (pressed sandwiches and salad)! Fun fact: this venue is about 3 minutes from where we practice. Let's have fun on the East Side together.

Curious minds might also want to check out an article The Grid recently did about the series.

-------Info from the Facebook Event-------

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

At Dickens Street Theatre
35 Dickens St. (Dundas & Carlaw)
Toronto, ON
Friday, September 9 at 9:00pm


THE GUEST BEDROOM (http://theguestbedroom.bandcamp.com/) A bit prog, a bit post-punk, a bit dark, a bit dance-y. Toronto avant rock quartet has been making music since 2004 (whoa it's almost 2012!). Rumbling synth lines, jump and bounce against angular guitar jabs, sharp notes quiver out from behind thick synth concoctions. Singer Sandi Falconer's voice soars over the blaring, driving drum beats & synth hums that fill your ears like an empty church. A fun chaos grown out of a frantic pace. Check this!

Jesse Laderoute's every changing krautrock ensemble Solidifies it's line up & becomes a band! A serious undiscovered gem in Toronto's ever evolving music nebulous. Mini synth & guitar drones lead into to ominous beats & guitar whispers that shake and creep. With an almost hopeful pop sensibility buried under the deep compositions, Jesse's voice reaches out of the eerie environment he's constructed. Guitar wizardry and electronic bleeps & bloops grow under layers of rhythmic synth & drum patterns locking you in. Like a dream you can't escape, stuck in the nether world just below the surface. Krautrock lives!

One man band from Austin, TX plays it all guitar, drums, bass, and puts it together in a loop station math equation. Live drums along with looped everything, DFD powers through spazz rock compositions. His voice buzzes over noodle-y guitar guitar work. Pop hums juxtapose with speed punk drums & guitar thrashing. This guy rules big. He will also be joined by a band for some of his set!

JOHN MILNER YOU'RE SO BOSS (http://jmysb.tumblr.com/) Everyone's favourite weirdo-punk keeps it real. Spazz punk for the modern scumbag. Lightning fast speed, thrashed guitar cords, screeched out bleeps & bloops gloop out of circuit bent toys & electronics. Danielle's vocals yelps & spasms rupture in a choatic volcano of pure hecticity. Former east end coffee jobber becomes current east end resident & cool guy. Cred!

Projections & Environs by Cameron Lee!

pressed sandwich & salad with advance ticket from Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff and Soundscapes.

All Ages.