Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Check out this guy. He wants to drink pints at The Garrison with his pals, listen to some music, and donate some canned goods to the food bank. Cause he's a snowman, not a snowwussy.


Wednesday December 30th at The Garrison
Boxing Day Special Fest!
w/ Pony Da Look, Rattail, The I Love You Too's
2.99 + 2 food items

Boxing Day Special Fest runs from December 26th - 30th.
Check out The Garrison's website for more info!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009


Do you like music, sunshine, and car free roads?
It's time for a summer street party!

Sunday July 26th
Neighbourhood bands throw down for Pedestrian Sunday in the Market!
+ mural art by Benjamin Oakley
3 to 7pm at
College and Augusta


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Our next show is MONDAY JUNE 29TH at The Drake Underground.
It's nice and early for all you weekday workhorses!
Doors at 8:30PM.
The Guest Bedroom at 9PM.
The Paper Chase (Texas / Kill Rock Stars) at 10PM
$11 advance / $13 door

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Good show at The Boat the other night! Thanks so much to everyone that came out and sacrificed a good nights sleep with us. Real Cops (pizza lovers and makers of great shirts) were awesome, BA kicked off his set with a full venue crawl amidst a flurry of sparklers, and our favourite east coast road warriors The Stolen Minks (as seen below) played all our favourite jams! A+ TIMES.

Pssst . . . we've got brand new t-shirts! Men's S/M/L. If you'd like to add one of these beauties to your ever expanding summer t-shirt collection they are $10 + shipping. Send us an email: theguestbedroom@gmail.com

Friday, June 5, 2009


Very happy to have the Stolen Minks back in town... even if it's only for 1 day.


Should be a good show! BA is always awesome and Real Cops are new!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pitter Patter Fest

Day 1. Brantford / Ford Plant

2 of the 4 bands listed on the bill didn't play/show up which is usually a bit of a bad omen. Good thing we shared the night with our pals and practice space cohorts Pants and Tie, who besides being an awesome band are also really snappy dressers with good senses of humor! Rob and I ate at KFC while Tim and Al made far more sensible dining decisions. Beers were drank in our van and someone told Tim and I about all the free burgers he managed to consume in one day and all the burger pals he made along the way doing it. We decided to play in the dark on the floor. It was a good decision.

Day 2. Peterborough / Montreal House

The easiest way to work out the kinks after a stint on the highway is to hit up the local amusement area (conviently located behind an East Side Marios/Swiss Chalet dining complex), hit the batting cages and make some stuffed animals.

We arrived at The Montreal House to more surprise last minute lineup changes. When rolling with the punches beer can be a pretty good place to start, because sometimes you gotta make the good times happen! Be advised: The guys in Great Bloomers may play great country dipped rock songs, but they can also dance. To anything!

Over The Top

Our Over The Top Fest show at Sneaky Dee's was fun times and we got to play with lots of A+ peoples!

FUN FACT: number of times we've played at Sneaky Dee's = 23!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We started recording our first full length album this weekend!
Rob had his way with a grand piano and many pistachios were consumed.

Monday, May 18, 2009


We haven't played any shows in the past couple months and we've got a bunch of new songs to show for it! Check 'em out at the following exciting live music events.

Summer is here - let's party!

Saturday May 23rd @ Sneaky Dee's (Toronto)
Over The Top Fest w/ Green Go, Shellshag (NY), Fiasco (NY), Bayonets.

Thursday May 28th @ The Ford Plant (Brantford)
Pitter Patter Fest w/ Raccoon Wedding, Archipelagos, Pants and Tie.

Friday May 29th @ The Montreal House (Peterborough)
Pitter Patter Fest w/ Great Bloomers, Wax Mannequin.

Friday June12th @ The Matty Eckler CRC (Toronto)
All Ages Show w/ Place Hands, The Rescue, Fall Of Heros.

Wednesday June 17th @ The Boat (Toronto)
w/ The Stolen Minks, B.A. Johnston.

Monday June 29th @ The Drake (Toronto)
w/ The Paper Chase (TX).

Friday, May 15, 2009



01/23/2010 - Teranga, Toronto w/ Terror Lake, The Meat, Wild Boar.
03/26/2010 - The Garrison, Toronto w/ Magic Markers, Rat Tail.
04/13/2010 - The Garrison, Toronto w/ Best Coast.
07/20/2010 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto NXNE w/ Ancestors, Invasions.


01/15/2009 - El Mocambo, Toronto w/ Pace the Stairs, Dance Electric.
02/13/2009 - The Atria, Oshawa w/ Ancestors, Micronite Filters.
03/05/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Buckets Of.
05/23/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Shellshag, Fiasco, Green Go (Over the Top Fest).
05/28/2009 - The Ford Plant, Brantford w/ Pants and Tie.
05/29/2009 - The Montreal House, Peterborough w/ Great Bloomers.
06/12/2009 - Matt Eckler Community Center, Toronto w/ Place Hands.
06/17/2009 - The Boat, Toronto w/ The Stolen Minks, BA Johnston, Real Cops.
06/29/2009 - The Drake, Toronto w/ The Paper Chase.
07/06/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Pacific Trash Vortex, Bagtag, Rattail.
12/30/2009 - The Garrison, Toronto Boxing Day Special Fest w/ Pony Da Look, Rat Tail, I Love You Too's.


01/25/2008 - Pepperjack's Cafe, Hamilton. Joel Elliot's CD release show w/ Neil Haverty.
02/29/08 - Terranga, Toronto. Haggard Beast 12inch Release Party w/ Hot Monogamy, Lunchmeat.
04/03/2008 - The Savannah Room, Toronto. Wells' Birthday Show w/ Buckets Of, Hot Kid.
04/05/2008 - University Of Windsor. Smash The Glass Fundraiser w/ Buckets Of, Hot Monogamy, The Nice Device.
05/11/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Wavelength w/ Orn.
06/14/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. NXNE w/ Monotonix
06/23/2008 - Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. GentlemenFest w/ Place Hands, Tradition.
07/17/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Femme Generation.
08/30/2008 - L'Escogriffe, Montreal w/ The Stolen Minks, Greg Cocaine.
08/30/2008 - House Show, Ottawa w/ The Stolen Minks, The Weathermakers.
09/04/2008 - Jimmy Jazz, Guelph w/ The Stolen Minks, The MEAT.
09/05/2008 - Casbah Lounge, Hamilton w/ The Stolen Minks.
09/06/2008 - Call the Office, London w/ The Stolen Minks, The Can Too's.
09/07/2008 - The Merchant Ale House, St. Catherines w/ The Stolen Minks.
09/10/2008 - The Spill, Peterborough w/ The Stolen Minks, Fire Flower Review.
09/11/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. TW/BS EP Release w/ The Stolen Minks, Brides.
10/18/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ sBACH, Huckleberry Friends.
12/05/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Lunchmeat, Dead Messenger.
12/19/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Pants and Tie, Proof of Ghosts, CITUS, more (Covers for Cans)


10/02/2007 - Salem's Loft, Toronto. Wavelength Anniversary w/ Think About Life, Animal Monster, The Winks, Drumheller, DJ Goinsteady.
08/03/2007 - Waterloo Campus Bar, Waterloo. Women's Week Fundraiser w/ Galaxy, Emm Gryner.
23/03/2007 - Concord Cafe, Toronto. ICE AGE + Movement EP release w/ The Creeping Nobodies, The Sharp Tongues, Huckleberry Friends, DJ Dan Vila.
06/04/2007 - Silver Dollar, Toronto. The Patients CD Release w/ Hot Monogamy.
10/05/2007 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Pants and Tie, Wordburglar.
17/05/2007 - One World Cafe, Halifax NS. All ages w/ The Stance
18/05/2007 - Gus' Pub, Halifax NS w/ The Stance, The Stolen Minks.
19/05/2007 - The Reading Well Bookstore, Charlottetown PEI. All Ages With The Stolen Minks, Andrew Murray, The Barnkats.
19/05/2007 - Baba's, Charlottetown PEI w/ The Stolen Minks,Smothered in Hugs.
20/05/2007 - Vixen's, Fredericton, NB w/ The Stolen Minks.
03/06/2007 - Lee's Palace, Toronto w/ Loney Dear.
04/06/2007 - The Underground, Hamilton w/ The Patients, Ladyfingers.
15/06/2007 - Gladstone, Toronto. CIUT 20th Anniversary Party.
30/06/2007 - Schoolhouse Volume 2, Chatham w/ Ancestors, Lunchmeat.
21/07/2007 - Irenes Pub, Ottawa w/ The Stolen Minks, Play Guitar, Captain Foxy.
31/07/2007 - The Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto. Bizzare Celebration Event - The Office Christmas Party.
03/08/2007 - Duke of Marlborough, Missisauga. Beating Heart Festival After-Party w/ ARCS, False Heroics.
11/08/2007 - Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto. ALLCAPS! Outdoor Show w/ Germans, John Kameel Farah, Bruce Penninsula, more.
16/08/2007 - Call the Office, London w/ The Stolen Minks, Katie Stelmanis.
17/08/2007 - 130 King The Trepid House/Pirate Bordello, Waterloo w/ The Stolen Minks, Katie Stelmanis.
18/08/2007 - Velvet Elvis, Oshawa w/ The Stolen Minks.
25/08/2007 - Turple's Apartment, Brantford w/ Sailboats Are White, The Sharp Tongues, Dead Love Traingles, Pants and Tie.
12/09/2007 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Numbers, The Sharp Tongues.


19/01/2006 - The Boat, Toronto w/ The Ghost is Dancing (CD release), Rock Plaza Central.
06/02/2006 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ 100% Wool, The Patients, Broken Tree Fort.
05/03/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Wavelength w/ Books On Tape, The Airfields.
08/04/2006 - The Hooch, Toronto w/ Ca Va Mal, Bocce, Shapes and Sizes.
12/05/2006 - The Boat, Toronto. Ford Plant Fundraiser w/ Henri and The Adorables, The Miles.
22/06/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Kickball Fundraiser w/ The Ghost is Dancing.
08/07/2006 - The Drake, Toronto. ALL CAPS! w/ The Phonemes, Robocop.
21/07/2006 - Schoohouse, Chatham w/ Lunchmeat, Ancestors.
22/07/2006 - The Last Drop, London w/ Lunchmeat, Ancestors.
23/07/2006 - The Ford Plant, Brantford. Matinee w/ Sailboats Are White, Bronx Cheerleader.
18/08/2006 - Live on Daria's Radio Show CHRY 105.5 FM, Toronto.
23/09/2006 - House Party, Toronto. Bag-O-Dicks! AKA Ryan Mounseys CD Release.
01/10/2006 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ Facing New York, The Inflation Kills, Royal School Series.
19/10/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Galaxy EP release w/ Dads, Librarian's Touch.
03/11/2006 - Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Ancestors, The Sharp Tongues, Lunchmeat.


19/01/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Cougar Party, The Good Ideas, 9am Social, DJ Alan.
17/02/2005 - The Poor Alex, Toronto. Pitter Patter Nights w/ The Department of Foreign Affairs, Good People.
01/03/2005 - The 360, Toronto. Laundromat 6 w/ Royal Wood, The Sketchersons.
12/03/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ The Diableros, Grassy Knoll and The Magic Bullet Band.
01/04/2005 - Healy's, Toronto w/ And The Vinyl.
15/04/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto. We Like Accidents! EP Release.
12/05/2005 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Sweet Thing, Permafrown.
22/05/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Carol Pope.
16/06/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ The Ghost is Dancing, Henri and the Adorables, DJ Axewoundthegash.
25/06/2005 - The Riot House, Toronto w/ Sailboats Are White, Rock Lobster Tokyo, Lunchmeat, Nick Flanagan.
09/07/2005 - Lounge 88, Toronto w/ Millions Of Cats That Turned On Thier Masters, The Bicycles.
14/07/2005 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Spitfires and Mayflowers, The October Guard.
10/08/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ Kickers, Galaxy.
20/08/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Interval House Fundraiser w/ Cougar Party, Scandalnavia, Dance Yourself To Death, Galaxy.
31/08/2005 - The Drake, Toronto w/ Dance Yourself To Death, Hunter Valentine.
07/09/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Moggs.
25/09/2005 - The Polish Legion Hall, Toronto. Video Fundraiser w/ Lenin I Shumov, Germans.
01/10/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ With Weird War, Republic of Safety.
02/11/2005 - The Embassy, Toronto w/ Henri & The Adorables, Spiral Beach.
11/11/2005 - O'Grady's, Toronto w/ Spitfires and Mayflowers, Immaculate Machine.
12/11/2005 - The Boat, Toronto. Honest Ed's Fashion Show w/ N!fty, Nick Flanagan.
08/12/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Kiss Me Deadly, 10000 Watt Head, Lipstick Machine.
20/12/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto. Bake Off w/ Henri and the Adorables, Laura Barrett, the Holiday Choir.


03/11/2004 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ The Marauder, Galaxy, Boyfriend Material.
28/11/2004 Sneaky Dees, Toronto. Wavelength w/ The Diableros
03/12/2004 The 360, Toronto w/ The Spitfires and Mayflowers, The Bicycles, Honey Dear.
04/12/2004 - The Rivoli, Toronto. Pedal to the Metal 2 Craft Fair w/ The Pauls.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skyscraper Magazine.

Scanned from Skyscraper #25
Summer 2007


The Guest Bedroom are a 4 piece rock band from Toronto. Urgent and dramatic in tone, their songs are prone to swift changes in direction, often simultaneously adorned by offbeat hooks and outbursts of nervous tension. “Though their music is fairly aggressive, it never stops being fun, and even though it’s fun, it’s always emotionally rewarding.” (Skyscraper Magazine)

Formed in 2004, they've retained 3 of their 4 founding members: Sandi Falconer (guitar/vocals), Rob Castle (keys), and Tim Smith (drums). Late last year they added James Allan Toth (guitar/bass), who had started working with the band in the studio recording their upcoming release, only later to join in full time.

Historically speaking, The Guest Bedrooms 2008 release Treading Water Blowing Smoke found them “adding an interestingly proggy element to their sound.” At just under 20 minutes the EP “veers wildly between abrasive to catchy and back again, but they do it in a way that never fails to be completely listenable.” (Chart Magazine) Their two releases prior to that (Movement and We Like Accidents!) both sold out of their limited runs, received enthusiastic reviews, and charted on Earshot’s campus top 50. TGB have shared the stage with such bands as Magic Markers, Best Coast, Weird War, The Paper Chase, Monotonix, Think About Life, Numbers, and more.

Their upcoming full length A Year’s Supply Of Rabbit’s Feet will be released by Popsick Records on November 19th, 2010. At 11 songs in length, the album is darker and more deliberate than previous releases, and sees the band further experimenting with dynamics. A Year's Supply Of Rabbit's Feet continues with the pummelling, angular tracks that are TGB’s signature (“Kingdom”, “Ugly Thoughts” and “Thread”), but this time around they’ve also experimented with some more subdued, melodic instrumentation (“Dead Ends” and “Pulling Teeth”).

2010 - A Year’s Supply Of Rabbit’s Feet / Popsick Records
2008 - Treading Water Blowing Smoke EP / Popsick Records
2007 - Movement EP / Self Release
2006 - Tight 3inch Single / Self Release
2005 - We Like Accidents! EP / Self Release

2008 - “Sleepers” - Fuck You Toronto Compilation / Haggard Beast Records

2006 - “No Thief” - Directed by Scott Cudmore