Friday, May 15, 2009



01/23/2010 - Teranga, Toronto w/ Terror Lake, The Meat, Wild Boar.
03/26/2010 - The Garrison, Toronto w/ Magic Markers, Rat Tail.
04/13/2010 - The Garrison, Toronto w/ Best Coast.
07/20/2010 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto NXNE w/ Ancestors, Invasions.


01/15/2009 - El Mocambo, Toronto w/ Pace the Stairs, Dance Electric.
02/13/2009 - The Atria, Oshawa w/ Ancestors, Micronite Filters.
03/05/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Buckets Of.
05/23/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Shellshag, Fiasco, Green Go (Over the Top Fest).
05/28/2009 - The Ford Plant, Brantford w/ Pants and Tie.
05/29/2009 - The Montreal House, Peterborough w/ Great Bloomers.
06/12/2009 - Matt Eckler Community Center, Toronto w/ Place Hands.
06/17/2009 - The Boat, Toronto w/ The Stolen Minks, BA Johnston, Real Cops.
06/29/2009 - The Drake, Toronto w/ The Paper Chase.
07/06/2009 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Pacific Trash Vortex, Bagtag, Rattail.
12/30/2009 - The Garrison, Toronto Boxing Day Special Fest w/ Pony Da Look, Rat Tail, I Love You Too's.


01/25/2008 - Pepperjack's Cafe, Hamilton. Joel Elliot's CD release show w/ Neil Haverty.
02/29/08 - Terranga, Toronto. Haggard Beast 12inch Release Party w/ Hot Monogamy, Lunchmeat.
04/03/2008 - The Savannah Room, Toronto. Wells' Birthday Show w/ Buckets Of, Hot Kid.
04/05/2008 - University Of Windsor. Smash The Glass Fundraiser w/ Buckets Of, Hot Monogamy, The Nice Device.
05/11/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Wavelength w/ Orn.
06/14/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. NXNE w/ Monotonix
06/23/2008 - Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. GentlemenFest w/ Place Hands, Tradition.
07/17/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Femme Generation.
08/30/2008 - L'Escogriffe, Montreal w/ The Stolen Minks, Greg Cocaine.
08/30/2008 - House Show, Ottawa w/ The Stolen Minks, The Weathermakers.
09/04/2008 - Jimmy Jazz, Guelph w/ The Stolen Minks, The MEAT.
09/05/2008 - Casbah Lounge, Hamilton w/ The Stolen Minks.
09/06/2008 - Call the Office, London w/ The Stolen Minks, The Can Too's.
09/07/2008 - The Merchant Ale House, St. Catherines w/ The Stolen Minks.
09/10/2008 - The Spill, Peterborough w/ The Stolen Minks, Fire Flower Review.
09/11/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. TW/BS EP Release w/ The Stolen Minks, Brides.
10/18/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ sBACH, Huckleberry Friends.
12/05/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Lunchmeat, Dead Messenger.
12/19/2008 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Pants and Tie, Proof of Ghosts, CITUS, more (Covers for Cans)


10/02/2007 - Salem's Loft, Toronto. Wavelength Anniversary w/ Think About Life, Animal Monster, The Winks, Drumheller, DJ Goinsteady.
08/03/2007 - Waterloo Campus Bar, Waterloo. Women's Week Fundraiser w/ Galaxy, Emm Gryner.
23/03/2007 - Concord Cafe, Toronto. ICE AGE + Movement EP release w/ The Creeping Nobodies, The Sharp Tongues, Huckleberry Friends, DJ Dan Vila.
06/04/2007 - Silver Dollar, Toronto. The Patients CD Release w/ Hot Monogamy.
10/05/2007 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ We Take Lovers, Pants and Tie, Wordburglar.
17/05/2007 - One World Cafe, Halifax NS. All ages w/ The Stance
18/05/2007 - Gus' Pub, Halifax NS w/ The Stance, The Stolen Minks.
19/05/2007 - The Reading Well Bookstore, Charlottetown PEI. All Ages With The Stolen Minks, Andrew Murray, The Barnkats.
19/05/2007 - Baba's, Charlottetown PEI w/ The Stolen Minks,Smothered in Hugs.
20/05/2007 - Vixen's, Fredericton, NB w/ The Stolen Minks.
03/06/2007 - Lee's Palace, Toronto w/ Loney Dear.
04/06/2007 - The Underground, Hamilton w/ The Patients, Ladyfingers.
15/06/2007 - Gladstone, Toronto. CIUT 20th Anniversary Party.
30/06/2007 - Schoolhouse Volume 2, Chatham w/ Ancestors, Lunchmeat.
21/07/2007 - Irenes Pub, Ottawa w/ The Stolen Minks, Play Guitar, Captain Foxy.
31/07/2007 - The Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto. Bizzare Celebration Event - The Office Christmas Party.
03/08/2007 - Duke of Marlborough, Missisauga. Beating Heart Festival After-Party w/ ARCS, False Heroics.
11/08/2007 - Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto. ALLCAPS! Outdoor Show w/ Germans, John Kameel Farah, Bruce Penninsula, more.
16/08/2007 - Call the Office, London w/ The Stolen Minks, Katie Stelmanis.
17/08/2007 - 130 King The Trepid House/Pirate Bordello, Waterloo w/ The Stolen Minks, Katie Stelmanis.
18/08/2007 - Velvet Elvis, Oshawa w/ The Stolen Minks.
25/08/2007 - Turple's Apartment, Brantford w/ Sailboats Are White, The Sharp Tongues, Dead Love Traingles, Pants and Tie.
12/09/2007 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Numbers, The Sharp Tongues.


19/01/2006 - The Boat, Toronto w/ The Ghost is Dancing (CD release), Rock Plaza Central.
06/02/2006 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ 100% Wool, The Patients, Broken Tree Fort.
05/03/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Wavelength w/ Books On Tape, The Airfields.
08/04/2006 - The Hooch, Toronto w/ Ca Va Mal, Bocce, Shapes and Sizes.
12/05/2006 - The Boat, Toronto. Ford Plant Fundraiser w/ Henri and The Adorables, The Miles.
22/06/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Kickball Fundraiser w/ The Ghost is Dancing.
08/07/2006 - The Drake, Toronto. ALL CAPS! w/ The Phonemes, Robocop.
21/07/2006 - Schoohouse, Chatham w/ Lunchmeat, Ancestors.
22/07/2006 - The Last Drop, London w/ Lunchmeat, Ancestors.
23/07/2006 - The Ford Plant, Brantford. Matinee w/ Sailboats Are White, Bronx Cheerleader.
18/08/2006 - Live on Daria's Radio Show CHRY 105.5 FM, Toronto.
23/09/2006 - House Party, Toronto. Bag-O-Dicks! AKA Ryan Mounseys CD Release.
01/10/2006 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ Facing New York, The Inflation Kills, Royal School Series.
19/10/2006 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Galaxy EP release w/ Dads, Librarian's Touch.
03/11/2006 - Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Ancestors, The Sharp Tongues, Lunchmeat.


19/01/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Cougar Party, The Good Ideas, 9am Social, DJ Alan.
17/02/2005 - The Poor Alex, Toronto. Pitter Patter Nights w/ The Department of Foreign Affairs, Good People.
01/03/2005 - The 360, Toronto. Laundromat 6 w/ Royal Wood, The Sketchersons.
12/03/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ The Diableros, Grassy Knoll and The Magic Bullet Band.
01/04/2005 - Healy's, Toronto w/ And The Vinyl.
15/04/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto. We Like Accidents! EP Release.
12/05/2005 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Sweet Thing, Permafrown.
22/05/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Carol Pope.
16/06/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ The Ghost is Dancing, Henri and the Adorables, DJ Axewoundthegash.
25/06/2005 - The Riot House, Toronto w/ Sailboats Are White, Rock Lobster Tokyo, Lunchmeat, Nick Flanagan.
09/07/2005 - Lounge 88, Toronto w/ Millions Of Cats That Turned On Thier Masters, The Bicycles.
14/07/2005 - The Silver Dollar, Toronto w/ Spitfires and Mayflowers, The October Guard.
10/08/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ Kickers, Galaxy.
20/08/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto. Interval House Fundraiser w/ Cougar Party, Scandalnavia, Dance Yourself To Death, Galaxy.
31/08/2005 - The Drake, Toronto w/ Dance Yourself To Death, Hunter Valentine.
07/09/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Moggs.
25/09/2005 - The Polish Legion Hall, Toronto. Video Fundraiser w/ Lenin I Shumov, Germans.
01/10/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ With Weird War, Republic of Safety.
02/11/2005 - The Embassy, Toronto w/ Henri & The Adorables, Spiral Beach.
11/11/2005 - O'Grady's, Toronto w/ Spitfires and Mayflowers, Immaculate Machine.
12/11/2005 - The Boat, Toronto. Honest Ed's Fashion Show w/ N!fty, Nick Flanagan.
08/12/2005 - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto w/ Kiss Me Deadly, 10000 Watt Head, Lipstick Machine.
20/12/2005 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto. Bake Off w/ Henri and the Adorables, Laura Barrett, the Holiday Choir.


03/11/2004 - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/ The Marauder, Galaxy, Boyfriend Material.
28/11/2004 Sneaky Dees, Toronto. Wavelength w/ The Diableros
03/12/2004 The 360, Toronto w/ The Spitfires and Mayflowers, The Bicycles, Honey Dear.
04/12/2004 - The Rivoli, Toronto. Pedal to the Metal 2 Craft Fair w/ The Pauls.


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