Monday, May 18, 2009


We haven't played any shows in the past couple months and we've got a bunch of new songs to show for it! Check 'em out at the following exciting live music events.

Summer is here - let's party!

Saturday May 23rd @ Sneaky Dee's (Toronto)
Over The Top Fest w/ Green Go, Shellshag (NY), Fiasco (NY), Bayonets.

Thursday May 28th @ The Ford Plant (Brantford)
Pitter Patter Fest w/ Raccoon Wedding, Archipelagos, Pants and Tie.

Friday May 29th @ The Montreal House (Peterborough)
Pitter Patter Fest w/ Great Bloomers, Wax Mannequin.

Friday June12th @ The Matty Eckler CRC (Toronto)
All Ages Show w/ Place Hands, The Rescue, Fall Of Heros.

Wednesday June 17th @ The Boat (Toronto)
w/ The Stolen Minks, B.A. Johnston.

Monday June 29th @ The Drake (Toronto)
w/ The Paper Chase (TX).


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